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It all began when Creative Director / Owner Timmy Harbour quit his job in the music industry and built a small (but perfectly formed) film company. Having produced music and filmed adverts for over 20 years he developed a style of creating content which commanded the attention of a number of brands who had lost touch with their audiences, or simply didn't have one yet. With strategy, expertise and attention to detail, Timmy became responsible for millions of views on YouTube, huge return on investment for corporations and eventually had to expand the team to spread the Timmy Shot Me experience to a larger crowd.

Favourite Album: Ready To Die - Notorious BIG

Favourite Food: All of the food

Spirit Animal: Chaffinch


Long term pal and business partner Simon Dudderidge began working with Timmy on various larger scale rebrand projects and identified a clear lack of narrative amongst many businesses in the corporate ether. Creating opportunities to work together resulted in clearly defined and executed projects. Inevitably, Simon became a Partner in November 2021 and has been developing relationships and avenues for the Timmy Shot Me team since. 

Favourite Album: Emergency On Planet Earth - Jamiroquai

Favourite Food: Pizza

Spirit Animal: Bull


Josh is a dedicated and passionate creative powerhouse with a love for all things artistic that evoke feeling and nostalgia, whether audio or visual. He plays the pots and pans and writes for his band 'San Demas' who have an exciting future ahead of them. Josh actively films, edits and helps plan the projects that come our way. 

Favourite Album: Fat Of The Land - Prodigy

Favourite Food: Party Food 

Spirit Animal: Seagull 

Sarah headshot.png

Sarah began her career with the London nightclub Fabric in 2006, gaining unparalleled experience in the music photography space, while also establishing herself as a respected visual concept photography specialist, tailoring photography styles for various venues, festivals, labels and music artists for the past 15 years. She is currently working as a freelance shooter for clients such as Arcadia, Hermes, Hospitality Records and Burberry. Sarah is widely known for her music work in particular and specialises in low and natural light shoots, as well as skills in portrait and editorial shooting. While her photography engagements have taken her around the world, Sarah is proud to call Bristol home.

Favourite Album: Black Secret Technology - A Guy Called Gerald

Favourite Food: Thai

Spirit Animal: Unicorn 

Ben Temple.png
Ben Temple.png

Heading up our Web Design is Ben Temple. Ben has worked for surplus of 4000 clients ranging from multi-national corporates, large & medium sized companies through to small businesses and independent professionals. Including The NHS, The AA, Toys ‘R’ Us, Cambridge University, Universal Music Group, Kodak and many more. Having known Timmy for years, it was inevitable their creative paths would meet. 

Favourite Album: 36 Chambers - Wu Tang Clan

Favourite Food: Nigerian

Spirit Animal: Meerkat

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