OK. So it's the Summer holidays and we're trying to find stuff to entertain our small people and sometimes it's a total bollock sandwich. I've compiled a list of activities that are free, cost effective or downright worthwhile doing even if it involves parting with a bit of cash for these

next few weeks. This list will grow - some of these are limited to August so make sure you have a look to make the most of it! 


If you have any other recommendations please let me know on the page www.facebook.com/groups/dadversitydads/


Value for money.

We now take all 6 kids to free days at all of the attractions listed on the pass. We buy £20's worth of snacks, bring a few secret tinnies and they are entertained all day. By the time we get home they are knackered and ready for bed. For 8 of us at Thorpe Park, we spent £60 all day as there is a beach with slides which kept them entertained for a couple of hours. Even when we went to buy drinks at the bar, the pass gave us a discount.