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our story

our story.

We are a collective of creative specialists who share a common goal. Concepts drive stories forward. 

It all began when Creative Director / Owner Timmy Harbour quit his job in the music industry and built a small (but perfectly formed) film company. Having produced music and filmed adverts for over 20 years he developed a style of creating content which commanded the attention of a number of brands who had lost touch with their audiences, or simply didn't have one yet.


               With strategy, expertise and attention to detail, Timmy became responsible for millions of views on YouTube, huge return on investment for corporations and eventually reached his maximum hourly limit (what with two kids and a dog and all..) Having set up a telecoms business for long-term friend Simon Dudderidge, it roused interest and they began working together; driven by the passion of story telling. Together they scouted like-minded photographers, editors, web designers and graphic designers to spread the Timmy Shot Me vibe further to the masses. Now business partners, the pair continue to identify creative opportunities for small, medium and large scale brands. 

               Head of Photography is Sarah Ginn. Industry champion in the dance and rave culture spanning the last two decades. Her innovative use of materials, deconstructed approach and concept-driven idealism knows no boundaries. To boot, she's incredibly easy to work with and is no stranger to hard graft. 

               Running our Web Design Department is Ben Temple. Ben has worked for surplus of 4000 clients ranging from multi-national corporates, large & medium sized companies through to small businesses and independent professionals. Including The NHS, The AA, Toys ‘R’ Us, Cambridge University, Universal Music Group, Kodak and many more. Having known Timmy for years, it was inevitable their creative paths would meet. 

               Our Design Guru is no other than Joanna Dudderidge. Joanna has been shooting and designing for a number of tantalising projects including the renowned artist David Shillinglaw, Gosnells drinks brand and 'Fixie' hair products to name a few. Combining her design ethos with the brand allowed Timmy Shot Me another resource to the ongoing product and packaging design service we pride ourselves on. 


               Sales Director Simon Dudderidge doesn't come from the old-school, phone-bashing, number crunching landscape of yesteryear. Having run his own businesses, and been a Director of Sales for large corporations, he understands the key to a customer's success lies within their story. By utilising the creative tools that Timmy and the team brandish, he can easily identify a clear path to ROI that every customer demands.  

With us, it all begins with a conversation. Preferably over a decent beer and a tasty lunch. We also live by the 'Two ears, one mouth' ethos. Get in touch and let's tell your story. 

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