Hi there! 


I started making stop frame animations when I was 6 on my dad's VHS Handi-Cam. I mainly used bluetack and play doh and my characters tended to die in a collection of dark and creative ways.

(They were baddies though).

I studied Music Technology at TVU then built a recording studio in the shires and went on to write and produce for a number artists, bands, ad companies and production businesses.  

I was fascinated by the home recording technology enterprise and went work as Head of Video at Focusrite PLC; building their YouTube channels by filming educational content alongside promos featuring established bands and producers.


It was a nourishing10 years of career expectations and eventually I decided to

go it alone setting up 'Timmy Shot Me'

I believe each piece of video deserves an equally special piece of music, which is why I write and produce music to fit the ambience of the film. That way you get to keep your own unique

bed of music with no royalty issues and a bespoke soundbed to your content.  

I'm a proud Dad and am driven

by the good in humanity.