I started making stop frame animations when I was 6 on my dad's VHS Handicam. I mainly used blue tack and play doh and my characters ALWAYS died in a collection of dark and creative ways.

(All good they had it coming to them).

As I got older I picked up guitars and learnt to make music as well as dabble with cameras

My best mate and I (who were in a few bands together) bought a recording studio after borrowing money from the Prince's Trust. We got a music tech degree and ran the studio for a few years.

I think it is possible to have too much fun FYI. 

I then moved on to filming and production at Focusrite PLC, became the Head of Video and built their YouTube channels filming bands and producers. It was a great 10 years of work experience and eventually I decided to go it alone. Hence all this.

I set up and run Soho Mills Studios with my business partner and we film

corporate / commercial / stories / music videos / anything.

I love being given tricky, open briefs with little direction, and I equally love working for people who really know what they want. I guess I'm a super creative type, with a load of experience, so if anything ever goes wrong, I have a plan b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i.... 


I believe each piece of video deserves an equally special piece of music, which is why I write and produce music to fit the ambience of the film. That way you get to keep your own unique bed of music with no royalty issues. 

I love my kids more than anything in the world. I always learn and I am wary of people who say they are experts. I love hugs, houseplants and animals. 

Hit me up for any exciting film or editing work

you need! I'm looking forward to getting involved

in your project.


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